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www.PropertyParliament.COM offers free listings of real estate to property owners, as well are realtors or real estate agents.  After expiry of our promotional period in two years’ time, there will be a small listing fee of only US$1 per month, per property. During this free period, we shall aim to renew your listings whenever they expire each month. PLEASE IGNORE ALL OR ANY request for payment of any type. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY EVEN USD1 at this free time.

Most importantly, you do not need to pay a membership fee, or subscription fee.

We do not ask you to use any recommended services or share your commissions.  No hidden terms and conditions. Only search for your next investment, list your client’s or your real estate for sale or rent for FREE for the next two years on www.PropertyParliament.COM.

Why?  We are not a real estate broker, realtor or an agent. On a platform for linking buyers and sellers of real estate for a cost-effective fee.

List your residential, commercial properties, requirement for free, for a period of two (2) years.

Our focus is on ensuring the widest possible audience for our listings as cheaply as possible.

We are not connected to any parliament or government body anywhere in the world.  We are only a platform to advertise your properties within the law. We hope to make connecting buyers and sellers as easy as looking in one place www.PropertyParliament.COM.

Good Luck and do use your best photos to encourage inquires, establish identities, seek legal advice before proceeding use accurate contact detail and please do come again to www.PropertyParliament.Com in a month’s time.

No hidden clauses. only the need to comply with the law.  Please note that you cannot list a property on www.propertyparliament.com or our Facebook site which you do not own, have the permission of the owner to legal to advertise or market for sale or rent on this site. You cannot post photos of any property type, anywhere in the world that you do not own or have the legal copywrite or permission of the copywrite owner’s permission.  Our policy is to investigate and take the appropriate and necessary action.  This may result in a total ban from using our site.

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If you’re looking for an effective way to expand the visibility of your listings, Property Parliament can help you increase your reach. Wherever your property is in the world, list it on Property Parliament.COM.  We encourage you to use photos which will do justice to each property you showcase to that it may be promoted honestly and very well with increased visibility to Local, Expats or foreign Investors or Occupiers.

At Property Parliament.COM  our aim and objective is simple.  To help increase your chances of closing property deals by offering, wider reach and the best value. A friendly  low cost website for hardworking people who want to maximize value for money.

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